We can work directly with individual departmental managers to assess your training needs and design, develop and deliver programs that focus on your organizational goals and objectives. We can facilitate focus groups, develop and distribute surveys or meet directly with supervisors and managers to determine needs.

In addition to a regular slate of open enrollment workshops offered to staff and faculty, we provide customized, just in time professional development for individual departments.

You may wish to consider departmental professional development if one or more of the following conditions apply:

  • You are unsure of your professional development needs and you would like the Talent Development Department to make an assessment and help you develop a plan.
  • Your entire department must be trained at one time.
  • You need assistance with strategic planning, reorganization efforts, or process redesign.
  • You need specific professional development opportunities that is not offered on the open enrollment schedule.
  • You need content and support materials that are specific to your department.
  • You want to deliver content for your team only.

Customized departmental professional development has many advantages:

  • Sessions may be designed around just about any topic
  • Your time lines are taken into consideration
  • The location, content, and program length can be customized to meet your needs.
  • We are familiar with JMU mission, vision, values, culture and goals.

To request customized professional development through the Talent Development Department, contact Jennifer Campfield (campfijf@jmu.edu) or Gail Napora (naporagp@jmu.edu) to discuss and schedule departmental training.

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