Requests for compliance and certification training for fiscal year 2020-2021 may be submitted but will be held until the budget has been finalized. We will respond to your request when we have more information about the budget.

Training funds requests that are not compliance and certification training related will not be funded in 2020-2021.


James Madison University encourages and supports the professional development of its employees. Funds are available for AP Faculty, classified staff and wage employees, after their probationary period, for participation in job-related professional development opportunities as well as job-related training materials including the following:

Conferences Workshops Seminars Certification Manuals Books
Certification Programs Webinars Training DVDs Workbooks Other Reading Materials

JMU will not pay for workshops taken to meet minimum requirements of an employee's present job, for a certification that is part of a program of study that will qualify the employee for a new trade or business, or for travel and lodging expenses associated with the training.  Additionally, Training Funds may not be used to pay for conference/event fees associated with presenting responsibilities.  Training Funds may only be used to support job related employee learning activities.  Reminder: Review Finance Policies and Procedures. We cannot reimburse trainings that do not follow purchasing guidelines. For more information concerning Training Funds, please see Policy 1403.

To Request Training Funds:

  • Complete the Request for Training Funds form and PRINT OUT THE FORM
  • SIGN the form and have your Supervisor sign the form
  • MAIL the original document, with signatures, to the Talent Development Department via intercampus mail (MSC 5808) for approval
  • Once reviewed by the Director of Talent Development, you will receive an email stating your further instructions within 5-7 business days
  • If the event has been attended, the participant(s) submits a Learning Summary and a copy of the receipt for the registration cost in order to receive the departmental reimbursement
  • The fiscal technician for the department will receive a copy of the ATV once the reimbursement has been approved.

If you have any questions, please contact Gail Napora (540-568-5366)


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