James Madison University is committed to fostering for all JMU community members, a culture and environment that supports healthy work-life balance and personal and professional goals. In support of promoting faculty and staff success, the university focuses on the following goals:

  • The university will identify and implement a comprehensive approach to work-life balance
  • The university will increase resources to support mentorship, coaching and professional development for faculty and staff
  • The university will provide employees with resources, opportunities and co-worker interactions necessary for meaningful workplace involvement

Hence, the need for the Talent Development Department and the creation of learning areas which help each of us reach our own potential as well as work effectively with others. By accessing the links on this page you will find a wide variety of professional development opportunities which are provided free of charge to JMU AP faculty, classified staff and wage employees.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to pursue professional development utilizing internal and external resources. Please let the Talent Development Staff know how we can assist you in your personal, professional and departmental development needs.

Annual Survey Results 2020


To grow the talents of JMU's employees


To be a strategic and innovative partner for enhancing personal and organizational performance


  • We are committed to integrity. We strive to do things right. We act in an honest, truthful and ethical manner.
  • We build and maintain positive relationships based on trust, respect and encouragement.
  • We lead. As leaders, we influence others by our example. We encourage, inspire and motivate others towards positive change.
  • We serve others with excellence. We are responsive. We provide personal attention, meaningful support and professional solutions.
  • We reach out to others and create, facilitate and manage strategic partnerships.
  • We believe learning is a life-long process. The knowledge gained and shared through professional development activities is critical to achieving personal and organizational productivity and wellness.
  • We treat others with compassion. In all our dealings, we strive to be aware of the challenges others face, and we provide support and tools for growth.


The views, opinions and beliefs expressed by authors and speakers in training sessions are not necessarily those of James Madison University, the Talent Development Department, or the moderator of the session. In an effort to serve university employees with professional development opportunities, JMU offers a variety of sources of information, including some commercial products. Employees should be aware that some of the opinions expressed may contain references to belief systems that are not endorsed by the university, and that such opinions and beliefs are entirely personal beliefs of the author and speaker. James Madison University is committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for a diverse campus population.

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