Note: Talent Development will accept requests for reimbursement of the cost of this ICPM course prior to enrolling (to ensure funds are available) and will require proof of payment (POP), a learning summary and a copy of the certificate from ICPM to reimburse departmental funds.

Total Workshop Time: Asynchronous eLearning

Pre-requisites: None


The Certified Supervisor certification is offered through the Institute of Certified Professional Managers (ICPM). This certification offers a comprehensive analysis and in-depth knowledge on real-life situations of the job responsibilities of managers and supervisors, and equips them with the knowledge required to be successful in today’s modern workplace.

Upon successful completion of the exam, managers and supervisors will have competency in 11 key subject areas of management criteria:

  • Planning and setting objectives
  • Leading and motivating
  • Organizing and controlling
  • Quality Control
  • Problem solving and ethical decision-making
  • Managing groups and teams
  • Staffing, training, and appraising performance
  • Managing diversity
  • Customer service
  • Communication
  • Accounting and finance

The recommended process for taking advantage of this development opportunity is:

  1. Review the opportunity with your supervisor and obtain their support (40 hours of asynchronous learning)
  2. Apply through ICPM to the program
  3. Once accepted, do a Request for Training Funds to ensure that Talent Development can reimburse the department
  4. Department pays the fee (we recommend bundle)
  • Caution: the payment and completion of the course and submittal of all documentation must occur within the same fiscal year
  1. Complete the ICPM Certified Supervisory coursework
  2. Receive your certificate
  3. Submit all documentation dated within the same fiscal year to Talent Development MSC5808

Talent Development will review and if all paperwork is correct, ATV funds to the department

Type of Information: Primarily receiving data
Level of Interaction: Limited Sharing
Extent of Practice: Little to no practice

Please use the Request for Training Funds form to request departmental reimbursement.

Facilitated by: Asynchronous eLearning Offered by ICPM

Workshop Classifications

Level: Advanced

Type: All Inclusive

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