In order to serve you better, JMU Training and Development has several levels and types of workshops to choose from. The information below will aid you in finding the most appropriate workshops for your professional development needs. You will find the workshop level and type listed on the individual workshop description web pages. 

Workshop Levels

  • Fundamental workshops provide participants with a starting point for exploring the knowledge and skills needed to learn more about the topic.

  • Intermediate workshops provide participants with expanded content and there is an assumption that participants have basic topic knowledge as more advanced information will be included in the workshop. There may be pre-requisites for intermediate workshops.

  • Advanced workshops provide participants with specialized content and there is an assumption that individuals attending advanced workshops have the skills and knowledge required for understanding and success. There may be pre-requisites for advanced workshops.

Workshop Types

  • Single-Session: All content is delivered during one session. A single course number registers you for Single-Session Workshops.

  • A La Carte: Consists of multiple workshops which can be taken independently. Each workshop in an A La Carte Series has a unique course number. You must enroll in each workshop separately in myMadison. You do not have to enroll in all workshops for these series - you may pick and choose the topics that interest you.
  • All Inclusive: Consists of multiple workshops which cannot be taken independently. A single course number registers you for all workshops associated with the All Inclusive Series. You may not enroll individually for each workshop. To maximize the collaborative learning, please review your calendar before registering to ensure you can attend all sessions.

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