To complete the Advanced AACP you will need to take the following workshops. Use the Advanced AACP Curriculum and Tracking Sheet to track your progress.

Advanced AACP Orientation
  • TD2144: Advanced AACP Overview

Office Protocol/Etiquette (Choose 1)

  • TD2083: Social Media in the Workplace
  • TD1743: Positive Politics or TD2612 Administrative Professional Tips
  • TD2151: Advancing Your Workplace Etiquette


  • TD2060: IQ or EQ? Both Please! (Emotional Intelligence Basics) Required
      Choose 1:
  • TD1242: MBTI
  • TD1695: Cliftonstrengths (formally StrengthsFinder 2.0)

Decision Making/Ethical Reasoning

  • TD1482: Clear as Mud
  • TD2139: Ethical Reasoning for Everyone

Time Management (Choose 1)

  • TD1608: Time Challenged
  • TD2604: Goals & Objectives: Pathways to Success

Basic Project Management

  • TD2038: Finding Focus: Managing Multiple Priorities

Facilitating Effective Meetings

Advanced Note Taking

  • TD1902: Capture the Concepts

Advanced AACP Connect

  • TD2146: Managing Multiple Bosses
  • TD2147: Everyday Gap Analysis
  • TD2148: Brainstorming Basics

Technical Skills

  • TD2569: Editing and Proofreading Streamlined
  • TD2149: Professional Writing
  • IT295: Outlook 2016 Advanced or IT296 Outlook 2019 Advanced

Customer Service (Choose 1)

Conflict Resolution

  • TD1185: Difficult Conversations

Diversity (Choose 1)

  • TD2056: Understanding Gender and Sexual Diversity
  • Diversity Conference - One Concurrent Session
  • TD2070: Breaking New Ground - Respect and Inclusion in the Workplace

Change Management

  • TD1828: Our Iceberg is Melting


  • TD1742: It's Okay to Be the Boss


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