Note: This workshop is capped at 16 participants

Total Workshop Time: 3 Hours

Pre-requisites: None


The traditional workplace no longer exists. The world is flat. Businesses are globally connected, knowledge-driven and competitive. Business has become dependent on technology; as a result, the workplace is fast-paced, high-pressure, and constantly changing. Managers have more demands, more tasks and responsibilities, and more people to manage than ever before. And the workforce has changed too. No longer are employees content to pay their dues and climb the ladder. Their expectations have changed; they make their own demands. Is it any wonder that your managers are struggling as they strive to manage more people with less time in a work environment that seems to be constantly shifting?

In this workshop participants will:

  • Identify their management style
  • Identify popular myths about managing people
  • Identify ways to effectively manage their team in today’s work environment
  • Learn ways to avoid the under-management trap
  • Implement an action plan to immediately impact how they manage their employees

This workshop is based on the book It's Okay To Be The Boss: The Step By Step Guide To Becoming the Manager Your Employees Need by Bruce Tulgan.

Facilitated by: Program Administrator, Talent Development; Professional Development Specialist, Talent Development

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Type: Single Session

Level: Intermediate

Competency: Supervision/Management

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