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Melissa Lubin

Wow, the Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) is 25! As a member-driven organization, the collective spirit of LLI is a beautiful representation of its members. When I think about the essence of LLI, here’s what first comes to mind:

Your love for learning inspires us all to dig into new concepts and deepen our understanding of existing knowledge to further impact our world. Your enthusiasm is absolutely contagious and your endless curiosity shapes the kind of programming we bring to fruition. Your commitment and dedication—through the efforts of the stellar advisory board and committee members—provides the structure we need to make things happen. And your promotion of LLI encourages new friends and current members to get and stay engaged in the organization. Your mentorship of each other—as well as to me and the School of Professional and Continuing Education team—guides and supports us, especially during challenging times. Your sense of collaboration maximizes your efforts so that many can be a part of the creative and implementation process. And finally, your culture of caring for each other, JMU and the communities we live in reminds us all of the collective power and impact of LLI.

Thank you for leading our way along the continuum of learning!

Melissa M. Lubin, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Professional & Continuing Education and
Chief Economic Engagement Officer


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