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Nick SwartzThe School of Professional & Continuing Education (SPCE) collaborates with individuals, businesses, and communities through transformative educational programs and experiences. Our desire is to champion and advocate for the access and success of all learners and non-traditional students. We believe the experiences and journeys of individuals regardless of where they are in life should be valued and lend to opportunities to continue to learn and grow while partnering with their communities in powerful ways. Collaboration, Impact, Integrity, Imagination, Trust, Access, Inspiration, and Advocation are all deeply engrained values within our work as we empower our students to Learn for a Lifetime.

Providing opportunities to continue Learning for a Lifetime is what we do and is what we are proud of, so whether you are interested in a degree, non-credit certifications, cultural and global education, or youth programming, you have come to the right place. Please explore SPCE’s program offerings below:

Lifelong Learning Institute – LLI is dedicated to enriching the intellectual and social lives of adult learners by offering stimulating non-credit educational opportunities. Courses are taught by outstanding university faculty and guest lecturers. Classes are designed to broaden students’ understanding of diverse cultural, societal, scientific, and global issues. The Institute is a membership-based organization that also provides opportunities for members in social interaction, volunteer engagement, leadership, and travel.

Youth Programs - Whether you are the parent/guardian of a PreK - 12th grade student, a student yourself, or a member of our community, you’ve come to the right place for quality, engaging programming that extends and enriches the learning experience of the students we serve. We continually look for ways to position students to encounter learning experiences that pique their interest and curiosity, setting the foundation for a love of life-long learning.

Professional Development – SPCE’s Professional Development is ready to assist professionals in pursuing skills and credentials to enhance their current careers – or to move on to their next career! Our programs also support leaders seeking training and development for their teams and organizations. Interested in Custom Training? Explore group rates and/or customized training for your organization.

Adult Degree Program - Our Adult Degree Program (ADP) is an online undergraduate degree completion program that allows you to create a personalized interdisciplinary concentration or focus of study to meet your educational and career objectives. You can complete your degree through online courses and/or courses on our main campus. The Individualized Study major also offers you the opportunity to integrate other college-level learning such as professional or military experiences into the completion of your degree. You have the option to earn a: Bachelor of Individualized Study (BIS), Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Study (BA in IS), Bachelor of Science in Individualized Study (BS in IS).

It is with great honor and pride that I share SPCE’s 2022-2023 Annual Report.

This report is a testament to the true impact that JMU’s School of Professional & Continuing Education has had on not just our surrounding community, but also the communities in which our students are in as well. Within each of our program’s highlights within this report, you will find innovative and inspirational avenues that SPCE has created to better serve our students and find pathways for their success as well as partner with and expand our reach within the community.

This past year was one of great intention and strategy as we developed specific goals to take our work to the next level. Our goals are listed below, and I am confident you will see the evidence of our work towards these goals in this year’s report. These goals showcase the heart and integrity of our unit and its partners, and we will keep these goals at the forefront of our work as we find more ways to inspire our students as they continue to inspire us. 

  • Increase equity inclusion, and access.
  • Tell our story.
  • Provide high quality, relevant learning.
  • Strengthen our infrastructure, operations, and resources.

I want to extend my deepest and sincerest gratitude for our staff, faculty, students, partners, and all stakeholders that support SPCE and our mission. This support is seen, valued, and immensely appreciated. I hope you take as much pride in this report as we do here at SPCE.

Download the 2022-23 Annual Report

Thank you,

Nicholas J. Swartz

School of Professional & Continuing Education
James Madison University

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