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JMU School of Professional & Continuing Education delivers quality educational opportunities for individuals and communities by providing access to innovative and dynamic experiences throughout every stage of life.

Our Mission

The School of Professional & Continuing Education advances JMU's vision by responding to individual, business, and community needs through transformative educational programs and experiences.

Our Vision

Expand opportunities for individuals and this community through education, programming, and experiences for all ages.

We Are Strategic Partners

Economic and Community Development is a big part of our mission and vision. With that, we partner with various agencies and organizations across the region to support initiatives that facilitate growth, education and economic expansion.     


The Advocate for Non-Traditional Learners

SPCE empowers non-traditional learners to take the next step in their professional and intellectual journey. From helping professionals grow in their careers to cultivating lifelong education, SPCE champions opportunities for learners.

Customized Access for Every Learner

SPCE customizes access to university resources and educational opportunities for learners at every stage of life. From youth programs to supporting lifelong learners, SPCE welcomes diverse students through a range of programs.

Dedicated to the Needs of Our Community

SPCE identifies community needs and develops partnerships to create flexible and rigorous educational opportunities.

Collaboration and Innovation

SPCE establishes innovative, integrated partnerships to give learners unique career-growth opportunities and educational experiences, both in the classroom and online.

We are JMU!

We know that success requires equal parts intellect and action. At JMU, that’s what Being the Change is all about.

Lots of colleges and universities now claim that engagement is the next big thing in higher education. But providing engaged experiences has been central to James Madison University since its founding in 1908.

Value #1: IMPACT
Setting and achieving desired outcomes that make a difference.


An innate commitment to morals, ethical principles, and values.


Value #3: INSPIRE
To pique and encourage educational curiosity that prompts others to pursue their goals.
Value #4: IMAGINE
Thinking and implementing ideas beyond the limits of what is known.
Value #5: ACCESS
Open doors to opportunities that may no tbe attainable elsewhere.
Value #6: TRUST
Assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.
Work jointly with others to accomplish shared goals.
Value #8: ADVOCATE
Amplify the voice of our community and individuals, facilitating positive change.

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