Return to Limited In-Person Activities

Two weeks ago, President Alger announced that the fall 2021 semester will be held in person.

JMU Lifelong Learning is also preparing for this transition, which is made possible due to a decline in the positivity rate and an increase in the availability and distribution of vaccines. The results of our recent member survey are also encouraging, as 92% of respondents indicated having received vaccination.

Given these trends, we anticipate that restrictions on public gatherings and physical distancing will gradually continue to be lifted, allowing a return to pre-pandemic activities. For now, indoor activities and travel programs requiring group transportation still remain on hold as we await further guidance on the health precautions that will remain in place in fall.

Although the last year has introduced many challenges, we have also learned new skills through addressing these difficulties. Many of the new capacities we’ve developed, including the ability to host online classes, will continue even as we return to a more normal semester.

Our Curriculum Committee, chaired by Dr. Michael Allain, is working hard to solicit course proposals for online, in-person, and blended class formats for the fall semester. We look forward to sharing more details of our course plans in the coming months.

More immediately, we have decided to resume open-air activities in accordance with the public health guidance provided by the Office of the Virginia Governor and public health authorities.

Participation in these activities requires an acknowledgement of risk waiver. This form is based on the latest health and safety information available and identifies the proper precautions needed to ensure the continued health and well-being of our learning community. We will continue to monitor public health guidance and make adjustments as needed to keep ourselves and others around us healthy and safe.

Based on your responses to our member survey, we have added a page to our website to respond to your questions and concerns about resuming in-person group activities. We will continue to develop this page and communicate updated expectations and guidelines to all members as conditions change.

Thank you for your cooperation, patience and perseverance. We look forward to seeing you in person on campus this fall! Until then, check out the opportunities below to join members outdoors for small group hiking events. We will have another announcement to share soon about the return of Senior Striders, our Special Interest walking group coordinated by LLI member Bud Dirscherl.

To great health and learning,

Rodney Wolfenbarger, Director


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