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Spring 2023 Course Catalog

Registration is now open for Spring 2023

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Redeeming Your Virtual Parking Pass
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LLI Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:30AM - 4:30PM


 Phone: 540.568.2923




A new Assumption of Risk Form is available for those who have chosen not to be vaccinated.

This replaces the previous COVID Agreement. Anything submitted this year expires on June 30 and must be renewed.

2022-23 LLI Advisory Board

President: Hartley Gaston

Past President: Kris Stern

President Elect: Archie Turner

Secretary: Anna Rose Geary

Curriculum: Jayne Rynar

Faculty Support: Susan Facknitz

Hospitality: Jackie Gerrard

Lectures & EdVentures: Pat Haden & Kathy Clancey

Membership & Publicity: Eric Rynar

Nominations: Kris Stern

Members-at-Large: Mary Alice Robertson, and Pat Harahan

Historian: Joe Laughland

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