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Melissa LubinIn these challenging times, staying connected to each other is more important than ever. In PCE, the relationships we establish and nurture--both within our university and throughout the communities we engage with—are the essence of what we do. Through collaborative partnerships, intentional and innovative programming and economic engagement initiatives, we seek to live out our mission: to respond to individual, business, and community needs through transformative educational programs and experiences. My hope is that a story will resonate within you and inspire you to participate with us in a new and meaningful way. 


Melissa M. Lubin, Ph.D. - Dean, Professional & Continuing Education and Chief Economic Engagement Officer

  • ADP_Intern_Nov_Thumb.png Intern - In Turn

    For the past two years, the Adult Degree Program (ADP) and the Psychology Department have collaborated to provide internship opportunities for senior students in the psychology major at JMU. Student interns spend

  • ConnorMcKinnis_Nov_Thumb.png The Gray Area of Knowledge

    Connor McKinnis, our Marketing and SalesForce Graduate Assistant in Professional and Continuing Education, will graduate on December 18th with his Masters Public Administration.

  • College_for_Kids_Nov_Thumb.png Keep Growing - Keep Learning

    One of the fantastic advantages that this year has brought and taught us, is how to, “Keep on, Keepin On”, no matter what life may throw our way. This outlook and experience

  • LLI_Dec_Thumb.png Each One Teach One: A primary step to bridging digital divides

    During the first quarter of 2020, businesses and universities quickly adopted online tools as a way to support remote work and learning.

  • OE_Dec_Thumb.png JMU - Community Engaged Anchor Institution

    In our university’s strategic plan, President Alger has outlined 11 key goals to focus on for the next six years, and one of those goals is that JMU serves the region as an Anchor Institution. Due to their longevity in

  • ProjectTHRIVE_Thumbs.png From Surviving to THRIVE-ing

    Project THRIVE: a facilitated curriculum created directly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and designed to help cohorts of local businesses and nonprofits move from surviving to thriving.

  • Teacher_Nov_Thumb.png Teacher Leadership: Classroom, School, and Community

    In schools, the opportunity to be a leader is not limited to those in school administrator or principal positions. The newly launched Teacher Leadership program at James Madison University, through the work

  • Tiveeda_Nov_Thumb.png The Best is Yet to Come

    Since 2016 James Madison University, and specifically PCE, has been home to the state office for Campus Compact for Virginia, a location-based branch of the national organization Campus Compact ( based in

  • VaEd_Strategies_Nov_Thumb.png Adapting to Meet Your Needs

    Virginia Ed Strategies is a 501c3 nonprofit organization focused on partnerships and programs that help ensure a strong K-12 educational system, a prepared future workforce, and a thriving global economy for Virginia.

  • ProfDev_Jan_Thumb.png Training Leaders vs Developing Leadership

    Leadership development is a common training objective for many companies, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. Do we train a few select leaders or entire teams?

  • GA_Burnout_Nov_Thumb.png Avoiding the "Always On" Pressure - Preventing Burnout

    Nearly all professionals experience job-related stress at some point in their careers.  Most people feel overwhelmed or overcommitted at work from time to time. For many professionals, workplace stress may build

  • GA_Gender_Equality_Nov_Thumb.png Gender Inclusivity: He / She / They

    Gender equity in the workplace has been a central focus for employers over the last few decades. Although more people have come to understand the need for gender diversity, organizations have struggled to find attainable

  • GA_Virtual_Communication_Nov_Thumb.png You're On Mute! - Mastering Virtual Communication

    This year has taught us many lessons, perhaps none more than to value our connections. Many working professionals have increased the amount of time spent working from home, with estimates ranging between 30 and 60 percen

  • EPG_Nov_Thumb.png Our Role in Advancing Diversity & Democracy

    Last month, we announced an upcoming podcast between Dr. Mildred García, President of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) and Jonathan Alger, President of James Madison University. In this

  • quad-fall-drone-1000x600.jpg Applications open for first “cohort hire” in university history

    Six new faculty members will join the college as a cohort and work broadly across areas of racial and social justice, minority cultures and critical race studies. 

  • noyce Supporting New Teachers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    College of Education Students react to online versus in-person classes during the 2020 Pandemic

  • SVTC_TechNite.png Shenandoah Valley Technology Council Announces TechNite20 Winners

    Once a year, the Shenandoah Valley Technology Council (SVTC) celebrates the achievements of local technology firms, organizations, and programs in the region and the entrepreneurs and innovators behind those successes.

  • default image WSJ ranks JMU highly in outcomes, engagement

    JMU ranks #109 in outcomes and #111 in engagement in the 2021 Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College Rankings of 797 schools.

  • Gilliam Center Monthly Meet-up Speaker Series - Virtual - Fall 2020 Gilliam Center for Entrepreneurship hosts speaker series

    The Gilliam Center for Entrepreneurship’s  Monthly Meet-Up speaker series for September addressed the topic of entrepreneurship in the time of Covid-19.

  • JMU-return-to-campus-lead Return to in-person learning

    With all of these enhancements, we must emphasize how critically important it will be for everyone to follow public health guidance.

  • diversity-avp-lewis-1000 JMU welcomes new associate vice president of diversity, equity and inclusion

    After an extensive search, JMU welcomes Brent Lewis as the inaugural associate vice president for diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • ProfDev_Students_Studying_in_Rose_Library-1018.jpg Work from Home - - Train from Home

    Even in normal times, training and development is a critical need for working professionals and businesses. New skills can secure promotions or assist career switches – or help organizations adapt to changes in markets,

  • DEI_Oct_news_thumb.png "Initiative" is an Action Word

    More often than not, we all find ourselves exhausted by our social climate. We talk, listen, talk more, and then what? Things stay the same. It is time for action.

  • YP_Energy_Oct_newsletter.png Exploring a Non-Traditional Summer Camp Experience

    For the 2020 summer, Professional & Continuing Education (PCE) Youth Programs planned to offer 17 camps/programs for students in grades Kindergarten-12th – our largest offering to date. When COVID hit in the midst of


    When COVID-19 presented itself in March 2020, the normalcy and routine of Professional & Continuing Education’s (PCE) workday came to a screeching halt. The uncertainty of the situation, which prompted more questions

  • LLI_oct_news_thumb_1.png Learn by Doing

    One of the advantages of living in the digital age is that modern technology enables us to remain connected with friends and loved ones from afar. Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, these digital connections

  • GAProgram_Oct_newsletter_thumb.png Graduate Assistantships Provide Unique Professional Experiences

    The Professional & Continuing Education Graduate Assistant program is designed to provide students quality learning experiences. PCE Graduate Assistantships require 20 hours of work per week and must carry a course load

  • EPG_Oct_Newsletter_Thumbnails.png Democracy Matters: Dismantling Systematic Racism

    JMU’s second conference on engagement, Engagement for the Public Good (EPG), was scheduled for October 19-21, 2020. The plans for the conference were right on target, however, due to travel and budgetary restrictions

  • Dr. Nick Swartz, Madison Center for Community Development Director A Special Call to Action

    Economic and Community Development is a major function of our mission and vision. We respond to individual, business and community needs through transformative educational programs and experiences. As an anchor

  • Credit_Oct_Newsletter_Thumbnails.png Virtually Clinical - The Reality of Learning Through Telehealth Sessions

    What does an innovative and brilliant approach to summer clinical experiences look like for students? Professional & Continuing Education (PCE) partnered with JMU’s online master’s program in Speech-Language Pathology to

  • Return-to-Madison-peeps.png Home School...It's Not Just for the Kiddos

    The “new normal” has been tradition for us. Even with today’s constant shifts, students have found resilience through the impacts of COVID-19 in the Adult Degree Program.

  • Autonomous vehicle JMU students develop autonomous vehicle for the elderly

    Students from a variety of majors and minors join forces to build an autonomous vehicle for the elderly.

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