Our Adult Degree Program (ADP) is an online undergraduate degree completion program that allows you to create a personalized interdisciplinary concentration or focus of study to meet your educational and career objectives. You can complete your degree through online courses and/or courses on our main campus. The Individualized Study major also offers you the opportunity to integrate other college-level learning such as professional or military experiences into the completion of your degree.

Personalize your program

Our course tracks are a structured way of developing your personalized program plan. You can combine two or three tracks to create your Individualized Study major, and you can blend online and face-to-face classes if you are able to commute to campus.

What is an Individualized Study Major?

A major in Individualized Study is a degree completion program that is structured in a way that gives students the flexibility of creating a program of study by combining selected courses from two or more departments that is better aligned with his or hers educational and professional career goals.

As an Individualized Study major, you will work with the ADP staff and advisors to develop a personalized program of study with tracks that focus on your unique skills, interests, and career goals.

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'I chose to complete my BIS degree because I wanted to add an area of study (Business Technology) onto my undergraduate degree without having to declare a second major and without having to push my graduation date back another semester or year.'

-Dillon Rice, ADP Class of 2019

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