The Family & Consumer Sciences track prepares students for a variety of careers in human services and education such as domestic violence shelters, non-profit work, marriage and family counseling, retirement and adult care, early childhood education, after-school programs, and secondary education. Special Note: this track does not include courses for teacher licensure

Core 4 courses (12 credits): Select from 2 courses (6 credits):
  • FAM 133: The Contemporary Family
  • FAM 325: Parent-Child Relationships Across the Lifespan
  • IS 490: Special Studies
  • UNST 475: Dollars and Sense
  • EDUC 200: Foundations of Education in the United States 
  • EXED 200: Foundations of Exceptional Education
  • IS 300: Sponsored Learning
  • LDT 370: Instructional Technology
  • LDT 385: Foundations of Instructional Design
  • MGT 405: Special Topics- Intro to Entrepreneurship
  • MGT 405: Special Topics- Designing Your Business Venture
  • SCOM 314: Communication in Romantic Relationships 
  • SCOM 245: Signs, Symbols and Social Interaction
  • SCOM 331: Communication and Conflict
  • SCOM 414: Attachment Communication  

Please visit our course catalog for full course descriptions.  

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