The Professional Workplace Communication track provides students with a better understanding of the principles and theories of the complex communication systems within professional and organizational settings. Students will gain key skills and knowledge of communication interactions, increase their awareness of diversity, and explore conflict intervention and mediation in various contexts. This track complements any course of study as it provides essential skills for effective interaction and leadership in communities, workplaces, and groups.

Requirements: SCOM 121, 122, or 123 is the prerequisite for this track.

Core 4 courses/12 credits: Select from 2 courses/6 credits:
SCOM 248: Intercultural Communication
SCOM 331: Communication & Conflict
SCOM 350: Organizational Communication
SCOM 358: Business & Professional Communication Studies

LTLE 370: Instructional Technology
LTLE 490: Special Study in LTLE
WRTC 316: Research Methodologies in WRTC
WRTC 332: Creative Approaches to Digital Storytelling
WRTC 334: Introduction to Popular Writing
WRTC 434: Advanced Popular Writing
IS 300: Sponsored Learning

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