The Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship track provides students with the key skills, practical knowledge, and approach necessary for creating successful new ventures that attract customers in a consumer-driven market.

Students learn the basics of management functions as well as the formulation, financing, and operation of starting and maintaining a business.

Core 4 courses (12 credits):

Select 2 courses (6 credits):

  • CIS 498: Special Topics- Network Security
  • MGT 305: Management and Organizational Behavior
  • MGT 405: Special Topics- Intro to Entrepreneurship Studies
  • MGT 405: Special Topics- Designing Your Business Adventure
  • CIS 311: Analyzing Data in Organizations
  • LTLE 150: Information in Contemporary Society
  • SCOM 248: Intercultural Communication
  • SCOM 358: Business & Professional Communication Studies
  • WRTC 340: Writing as Leading
  • IS 300: Sponsored Learning

Please visit our course catalog for full course descriptions.  

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