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The “new normal” has been tradition for us. Even with today’s constant shifts, students have found resilience through the impacts of COVID-19 in the Adult Degree Program (ADP). With over 295 students enrolled, the program continues to lead the way in online learning for adult students with careers, families, and a dream of completing their degree.

During the summer, the ADP program focused on the launch of a feature initiative through a new course, UNST 475 Dollars & Sense. “The economic downturn facing our country will continue to evolve and affect families and communities, but through a class offering such as this we intend to provide knowledge that can serve both educational attainment as well as fostering personal management for the purpose of growing a well-rounded quality of life,” stated Dr. Windi Turner, Director of ADP. This new class will be taught by Brad Barnett, Director of JMU Financial Aid.

Throughout the summer, we also offered several forums specifically for the ADP student to include:

Virtual Open House for Early Childhood Education was held to connect with individuals interested in teaching in early childhood. The event was hosted by PCE and the College of Education. Presenters included faculty, advisors, and tutors from the College of Education and the ADP team.  

ADP Listening Cafés gave students the opportunity to share their concerns and to ask questions about available resources. The events were hosted by Kai Degner, Director of Professional Development in PCE, and attended by special guests Dr. Tim Miller (Student Affairs), Brad Barnett (Director of JMU Financial Aid), Valerie Schoolcraft and Joy Martin (Office of Disability Services), and Dr. Greg Corder (ADP instructor).

IS 300 Sponsored Learning was added to all tracks in the ADP for students to engage with the community, businesses, and non-profits on specific projects. 

All in all, we’ve developed a program that makes it possible for adults to return to school and earn their bachelor’s degree, even while continuing to work full-time. It is our goal to give them the best education as well as a quality college experience.

Our team has expanded to accommodate our growth and support our students. PCE welcomes Virginia Trovato to the team as Academic Advisor.


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Published: Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Last Updated: Tuesday, February 6, 2024

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