The JMU guest wireless network (JMU-Visitors) is a network for guests of the university. Guests must have a Faculty or Staff member sponsor the creation of the account. Once a guest account has been created, the guest will be able to use the network immediately.

JMU Faculty, Staff, and Students should connect to JMU-Official-Wireless and not to JMU-Visitors.

Who can use this Service?

JMU Faculty and Staff

How can I get this Service?

 Request Guest Access (only available on campus)

Where can I get Help/Support?

Information Technology Help Desk at (540) 568-3555, IT Service Portal or helpdesk@jmu.edu

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Q: Who should I contact to create a guest account?
A: University guests here on behalf of a department or faculty/staff member should be sponsored by someone in that department or the faculty/staff member.

Q: How do we work with large groups when numerous people are requesting guest wireless access?
A: A guest account created by a sponsor can be used by more than one guest user for a particular event. For example, if a sponsor has a large group of visitors, the sponsor can create the guest account and share it with all of the guests. Information Technology recommends that the sponsor indicate the number of users in the “notes” field and creates new guest accounts for different events.

Q: What if a visitor needs a guest wireless account longer than two weeks?
A: After two weeks, a new guest wireless will need to be requested.

Q: Are Graduate Assistants allowed to create guest wireless accounts? 
A: Graduate Assistants who are employed by JMU can create guest wireless accounts.

Q: If a guest has multiple devices (e.g phone, iPad, computer,) can they use the same guest wireless account for all of them?
A: Yes, guest users can use the same account on all of their devices.

Q: Can students sponsor guest wireless access?
A: No, students cannot sponsor guest wireless access. Students living in the residence halls can add guest devices to their www.MyResNet.com accounts. Additional information can be found at https://www.jmu.edu/orl/move-in/wireless-internet.shtml.

Q: What does the check box mean at the bottom of the sponsor page? (I acknowledge that by checking this box, I am confirming my understanding and agreement with JMU that I am responsible for this guest's acceptable use of JMU computing resources.)
A: The sponsor will ensure that the guest is aware of JMU’s Appropriate Use policy. The sponsor will be our resource to help identify the guest if any issues arise.

Q: Is the guest wireless access specific to a certain area on campus?
A: No, guest wireless access is supported on all campus areas that have wireless coverage with the exception of the residence halls. Residence Hall access is maintained by Apogee.

Q: Will the JMU-Official-Events wireless network be replaced with JMU-Visitors?
A: Yes, the JMU-Official-Events SSID has been replaced by JMU-Visitors. All guest users should connect to the JMU-Visitors SSID.

Q. Are Affiliates allowed to create guest wireless accounts?
A. No, Affiliates are not able to create guest wireless accounts.

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