FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) documents contain a list of questions at the top that scrolls down to the answers when clicked on. 

Step 1 - Create FAQ page

  1. Use the "Add Content" Method and select Secondary page
  2. Name the page file
  3. Select a placement folder 

Naming All Files

Choosing a file name can be difficult. However, it is very important because renaming files destroys links and causes errors. To ensure consistency of file names, use

  • Lowercase letters only
  • Alphanumeric characters: a-z, 0-9 (no symbols)
  • Dashes between words (no spaces or underscores)
  • Descriptive words when naming content; precise file naming will create higher searchability and quicker indexing within Cascade

These guidelines apply to naming files as well as folders in Cascade. 

Good file names:

  • group-interest-form
  • james-madison-awards
  • campaign-goal-reached

Bad file names:

  • group-interest-form-2019 (avoid using dates in file names that will be updated yearly; instead, make the file name generic and update the same file rather than creating a new file every year)
  • James Madison Awards (Do NOT use capital letters or spaces)
  • campaign_goal_reached! (Do NOT use special symbols or underscores)

Step 2 - Page Options:

  1. Add Title and Display Name to the page
  2. Select "Yes" for "Back to Top button?" if it is a relatively long page.  This will help people get back to the top of the page more easily.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended that this page contains only a FAQ content block; do not include other content blocks (WYSIWYG, Action Link, Link List, Slideshow, Feed, etc.) on the page, or else it may cause confusion to your website visitors.  The FAQ page should only have FAQ content.

Step 3 - Create FAQ content block:

  1. Add Content > _Responsive > FAQ
  2. If you will only have one FAQ, leave the system name on default; if you will have more than one, make this title more specific
  3. Choose a "_content" folder to place the file in
  4. Choose a very descriptive name for the second Title option
  5. Optional: Add a subtitle
  6. Optional: If there are multiple sets of FAQs, you can give each one a heading using the FAQ Set Title field.

    For an example of a FAQ with multiple sets, visit the 
    Financial Aid Glossary

  7. Set up anchors so the page can skip to the specific answer further down the page. Each anchor needs to be unique or it will skip to the first one every time
  8. Type in the question in the question field
  9. Use the WYSIWYG content area to provide an answer to the question
  10. Add more sections using the green plus icon

Step 4 - Add FAQ content block to FAQ page: 

Wire up the FAQ content block to the FAQ page using Format: "faq"

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