The first step towards getting an account is to sign up for Cascade 8 Training. You can find the training schedule and register for training on the main Cascade page under the Events section; click on the session date you want to attend and follow the directions for how to enroll. After training, you will receive an account from ITWeb.

If you have finished Cascade Overview Training and your site is already live, please email to request your account be set up.

Cascade Overview Training

Overview Training is an in-person session that serves as a basic, technical training for Cascade. You'll be introduced to the user interface covering topics such as login, system preferences, and basic menu options. You'll also learn how to enter several content types such as news, events, stories, and images. Additionally, you'll cover the fundamentals of how to publish your website and any content added on a regular basis.

Overview Training is only the first step toward the development of your site. Next, you will set up a minimum of 2-3 consultations with the Implementation team to help you design your site. There is also an optional Cascade Open Lab Training that will provide additional opportunities to learn about Cascade and continue to develop your website.

Cascade Open Lab Training

The Cascade Open Lab Training is an optional opportunity for you to ask questions about how to make changes and/or further develop your website. It will be an open lab hosted by the Web Development team in the IT training lab. Each session will have a maximum capacity to ensure everyone can receive dedicated assistance. Please feel free to bring any questions, concerns or feedback you have regarding your site or Cascade, in general.

To register for Cascade Open Lab Training, visit the Cascade page, click on the session you want to attend, and follow the directions for how to enroll.

Note: To register for Cascade Open Lab Training, you must have already completed Cascade 8 Training and should already have a Cascade account set up.

For any questions or concerns about training registration, please contact

After Cascade 8 Training, you will need to email to request access to your site. You'll receive an e-mail back from ITWeb when your account has been setup. Then, you can login to the Cascade login page, along with a username and password. Your login username will be your JMU e-ID and password.

If you have already received Cascade 8 Training and have an account, see Accessing the Cascade Interface for step-by-step instructions on how to log in.

Anyone who requests a username and password and completes Cascade 8 Training will can have access to your website, but you can designate permissions within your website based on division of responsibilities. For example, if you have a student who will only be entering events, you can request that the student only has access to that section of your website.

Please contact the JMU Information Technology Help Desk with any questions. Once your issue is logged, it will be routed to the appropriate party to answer any questions or help with problems you encounter with the system.

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