Image is too large to be viewed completely

For images added to default content fields using the "EZ" Method, resize the image:

  • to 310px wide or less and reupload
  • to 820px wide and apply "full-width-image" class


Full-width image isn’t stretching all the way to the edges

If an image is full-width but not as wide as another full-width images, like this example:


In the HTML view of the editor:

Delete the paragraph tags from around the image (delete <p> from the beginning and </p> from the end of the image code)


Broken logo image in footer

Please provide a static path to the image rather than a relative one. In the WYSIWYG field of the footer, an image that is linked internally like this will break on certain pages:

<img alt="College of Visual and Performing Arts" height="111" src="../../_images/arts/cvpa-logo-words.png" width="360">

So to fix it, it needs to be linked as an external link. In the HTML, this can be fixed by replacing ../../ with on image links, like so:

<img alt="College of Visual and Performing Arts" height="111" src="" width="360">

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