There are two types of page layouts: 1) EZ page layout and 2) advanced page layout. 

EZ Page Layout
Advanced Page Layout

With EZ page layouts, you only have one column of content, however they are very "easy" to create.  With advanced layouts, you can have multiple columns of content, such as the three colored boxes in the example above.  To do this, you have to add multi-blocks to the page. It is more difficult to create advanced layouts because of the additional steps of creating multi-blocks. Multi-blocks and advanced layouts will be discussed later in this documentation.

When to use an EZ page layout: You can use an EZ page layout when you want to quickly create a simple page that has one column of content.

How to specify EZ page content:

  1. On a page, click Edit in the top toolbar and select the Content tab
  2. Add/edit content in the "content" field


Note: Sometime when text in the Content Area is saved and submitted, its font is very small. To fix the font, return to the Content Area, click your cursor at the end of the text, and press enter. By doing so, you will change the text to act as a paragraph. 

Content Area Images

Images in a page's content field are not responsive, which means they do not shrink dynamically as screen size shrinks. For example, if you put a 820px wide image in this content area, it will stay 820px wide.

If you want to add an image in this content field, it must either:

  • Be 310px wide to work at the smallest mobile resolution, OR
  • Have a "full-width-image" format applied to allow the image to shrink down for smaller resolutions.
    • To apply this format, select the "full-width-image" option from the "Formats > Custom" dropdown when adding or while editing an image to make the image full width.

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