Text entered in the WYSIWYG editor appears smaller than other text on the page


Select all paragraph text, and select Formats > Blocks

Apply Paragraph format

The paragraph format will be correctly applied when you can highlight all the paragraph text and see a small "p" in the bottom left corner of the content field editor.


Unable to add blank space in WYSIWYG

Cascade’s WYSIWYG editor tries to clean up things where it feels it’s necessary; however, sometimes it deletes blank lines that you add purposely for spacing. To prevent this, add the following in the HTML view of the editor:

<br /><!-- this prevents cascade from deleting that br tag -->

<br /><!-- this prevents cascade from deleting that br tag -->


Button not displaying correctly

In the HTML view of the editor, add these codes and replace the "/link/to/wherever" with your URL:

Purple button
<p><a href="/link/to/wherever" class="purple-button">Purple button</a></p>

Yellow button
<p><a href="/link/to/wherever" class="yellow-button">Yellow button</a></p>


Video content iframe not displaying

Cascade will not display iframes if this is the HTML:

<iframe src="_url_"></iframe>

<br /><!-- this prevents cascade from showing the iframe -->

Remove the "<br /><!-- this prevents cascade from showing the iframe -->" line of HTML to allow the iframe to display properly.


Bullets are not showing up next to a left-floated (wrapped) image

Put the following inline style in the <ul> tag as shown here:

<ul style="list-style-position: inside;">


Pull quote not displaying correctly

Copy and paste this code into the HTML; edit quote and attribution:

<table border="0" class="sidebar-left">



<td style="width: 300px;">

<p class="pullquote">"When we looked more closely at what these plasmids could do, we found that they could also confer resistance to other antibiotics."</p>

<p class="pullquote-attribution">Dr. James Herrick</p>





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