If you need there to be login security on a particular folder on your website, and you do not have a "dot file" (in Cascade, the file is actually named ".") in that folder, contact itweb@jmu.edu to have them set one up for you.  Here is what a "dot file" looks like:



To update a "dot file" so that a folder requires one to log in with an eID (authentication), follow these steps:

  1. Locate your "dot file" (see example above for what it will look like)
  2. In the top toolbar of that page, select Edit > Configure tab
  3. Scroll down to find the htaccess_configuration block
  4. Right-click on the block and select "Edit"


  5. Ensure that Authentication is selected
  6. Type in the eID you want to add; use the green plus sign (+) to add additional eIDs

  7. Click "Submit" within the vertical ellipsis
  8. Publish your "dot file"

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