The fourth type of content you can add to a multi-block within a grid cell is a Video. In this page's tutorial, we will review what the video types are and how to create them. There are two types of videos:

  1. In-line videos
  2. Pop-up videos

Defining In-Line and Pop-Up Videos

In-line videos are displayed between text and stay the size they appear when the play-button is pressed. 

Pop-up videos are displayed the same as in-line videos, but they expand into a pop-up when the play-button is pressed. Pop-up videos require adding an image to represent the video. This is the recommended video style since it makes the video appear larger.

As you can see below, the video on the left is an example of an in-line video, while the video on the right is an example of a pop-up video.

In-line and pop-up video examples

The following links will show examples of how in-line and pop-up videos will appear from Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo.

Creating In-Line and Pop-Up Videos

Within a multi-block:

  1. Start with a new grid cell; if needed, add a new grid cell
  2. Set the grid cell width to any width
  3. Select "Video?" Yes option
  4. Enter the Video URL (it should be Youtube, Vimeo, or Facebook)
  5. For pop-up videos only: Create an image using the Spot image sizes (see below) that is consistent with the size of the multi-block.  
    • IMPORTANT: when providing a Video Image for a pop-up style video, you must enter Video Image Alt Text or you will recieve an error message; see Troubleshooting: Cascade Error
  6. Select the type of video you want to display
    • For pop-up videos, select "No - I want it to pop up in a lightbox" for recommended pop-up video
    • For in-line videos, select "Play in-line video?"
  7. Select light or dark for the play button (if the video image is dark, select "light"; if the video image is light, select "dark")
SPOT width height
quarter 360 493
third 480 480
half 488 312
two thirds 658 316


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