You can access your multi-blocks to edit with three methods:

Method 1: "Pop-ups" on a page

When hovering over a piece of content on a page, a pop-up appears with Region numbers, such as "REGION-03" in the example below. Click "Edit Content" to edit the multi-block in that Region.


Method 2: "Show Regions"

Click the "More" button at the top-right corner of the page, and a navigation sidebar will appear.


Click on "Show Regions", and the list of the page's Regions will appear. Clicking on the different Regions will show the multi-blocks. The pencil icon allows you to edit multi-blocks.


Method 3: Navigating website's folder structure

Search by name or find in folder to navigate to the multi-block directly using the folder structure in the Site Content panel. Once you find it (hopefully in a "_content" folder), select the multi-block and click "Edit".


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