A third type of Cascade document is an Event. See the note below before proceeding to learn how to create an Event:

IMPORTANT: If you do not have any Events on your website and you are creating one for the first time, please contact itweb@jmu.edu. Events are being moved from Cascade into EMS, the official Events Management System for JMU.

If you already have Events in Cascade, continue using Cascade for now, but be prepared for a transition to EMS eventually.

Step 1: Add the event
  1. Create a new event using the menu option: Add Content > [your website] > Event
  2. Name the event using the event date and event name
    • For example, if there's a Madison Brass Concert scheduled for February 28, 2019 name the event: 02-28-madison-brass-concert
  3. Place the event in the Events folder according to date
    • From the previous example, a music event scheduled for February 28, 2019 should be placed in the 2019 folder (JMU > [your website] > events > music > 2019)
    • Note: If your website's event folder does not have a folder for the current year, please ask itweb@jmu.edu to provide you with one
Step 2: Edit the event
  1. On the event, select "Edit" in the top toolbar
    • Type in a title in the Title field (should be under 30 characters)
    • Enter a Start Date/Time for the Event
    • Enter an End Date/Time for the Event
    • Check the "Tags" field to make sure your departmental tag is added
      • If you do not see your department tag, contact itweb@jmu.edu. If you wish to add a second tag that is not your own, see instructions for another department's tag.
    • Use the Content field to add information about the event
    • (Optional): If you plan to share the event on Facebook, add a Facebook image (1200 wide by 630 high) for the event

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