Yes, you can absolutely add images and videos to your website. Refer to the following links to learn how to add images and/or videos:


Image uploading will be covered in Cascade Overview Training. Here are directions to help guide you through the image uploading process:

Adding Images: provides directions to uploading images in Cascade.
Image Sizing Chart: list of image types and their sizes for reference.
Image Sizing Visual: visual demonstration of image types and their size options.
Resizing Images: introduces Canva, a free online image editing tool.


You can upload videos into Cascade in a Video block. We recommend hosting your videos on YouTube. Vimeo files will also work with Cascade.

Most common files types can be uploaded into the Cascade, such as JPG, GIF, PNG, PDF, and Microsoft Office documents. Please note that it is recommended to convert Word documents to PDF before uploading it to Cascade. Also, there will be a limit to how many multimedia formats can be uploaded, due to storage capacities.

Within Cascade, you have creative freedom to an extent. You can design various layouts by creating and wiring multi-blocks, announcement blocksfeed blocks, and/or slideshow blocks to your page; however, some design elements will remain consistent across all pages in order to promote usability and consistency to users, regardless of where they may be within The main design elements that will stay consistent between templates is the header and footer regions of the page and the appearance of your navigation.

See our Layout Examples to receive inspiration on how you can design your own website.

The answer is no, and although auto-rotating slideshows are all over the internet, usability studies show this is a bad user experience because it reduces accessbility for users with motor skill issues and users with low-literacy and also is often mistaken for an ad, which deters users from looking at it.

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