Heading hierarchy is important for content structure. Headings with an equal or higher rank start a new section, and headings with a lower rank start new subsections that are part of the higher ranked section. You should always start with Heading 2 as the highest rank, but you may skip headings as long as the hierarchy is consistent. 

Headings are applied to text using the Formats dropdown:

  1. Select the text
  2. Use the Formats dropdown, then "Headings"
  3. Select a heading style, such as "Heading 2"
    • NOTE: Heading 1 is reserved for the page title, so you should never use it in the Content field
  4. Additionally, use Headings 3, 4, 5, and 6
  5. As needed, you may use the "Bold" setting after applying a heading style to make your headings stand out more

NOTE: You will have to publish to view Heading fonts accurately

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6

In the following example, you can see that Headings 2 and 3 were used on this page.


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