IT-Telecom is the provider of many services for the JMU Community.  One of the services is the Office phone.  Faculty and Staff have access to single-line phones or multi-line phones.

JMU departments who have a need for cable television services for their staff’s training and educational needs have over eighty channels to accommodate both on campus and off campus locations. Cable television for students in each residence hall room and lounge area have over eighty channels available.

Cellular Phone rentals, phone purchases, and MiFi are available from the Telecommunications Office.

Each student of James Madison University has the opportunity to utilize telecom services. The Telecommunications Department is here to assist with installation and support in regards to voicemail, emergency phones, courtesy phones, and Cable TV. We are also happy to assist you with establishing an account for the installation of a residence hall phone upon request.

JMU Campus Operators manage the telephone switchboard to route, receive and place calls to all JMU locations and disseminates information to callers. They use the electronic JMU Campus Directory as their main source of information.

Telecom gives estimates for re-designing call flow in your area, additional phones, cabling or connectivity cost.

The Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) offers an enhanced, interactive audio and data conferencing service. While D-term phones allow for up to three people to communicate together in a conference call, VITA provides reliable, flexible, widespread, and easy-to-use functions to accommodate as many as five-hundred.



A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is provided to allow calls to be made on restricted phones. On Campus, Local and 800 numbers can be dialed from any phone. Departments decide what type of service they wish to allow their end user. The “class of service” for the phones may include Local only, Long Distance and/or International Service. A PIN may be assigned to individuals for access to make Long Distance and/or International calls.

Telecom provides cabling that supports voice (Telephone), video (Cable TV), and data (Network-Wired or Wireless) connectivity.

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