Below are the steps to set up your new Dukes JMU email account. Once you begin, complete all the steps in one sitting. For security purposes, we recommend that you do not set up your account from a public or kiosk computer.

Your new JMU email address is in the format: "" (ex. Dolley Payne Madison’s JMU email address would be "").

Please be aware that your JMU email password and your JMU eID password (for access to MyMadison, Canvas, secureweb pages and more) are different and are not synchronized. You must change your Dukes password every 180 days (your JMU eID password expires every 90 days). As a best practice, these two passwords should not be the same and you should create a unique new password each time.

Step 1. Log in and get a temporary password:
  1. Log in to MyMadison at with your eID and password
  2. Go to MyAccounts
  3. Click Get Temporary Password under Dukes Email Password
  4. Click Yes - Continue
  5. Copy the temporary password
  6. Click the link beneath the temporary password to go to the Dukes email login page
Step 2. Sign In:
  1. Enter your full email address( in the "" box
  2. Click Next
  3. Paste or type your temporary password from step 1 in the Enter Password box
  4. Click Sign In
Step 3. Update your password:
  1. Type your temporary password from above in Current password
  2. Type a New Password
  3. Confirm password 
    • Note: Please be sure to record your password in a safe place for future use.
  4. Click Sign in
Step 4. More information required:
  1. Click Next
  2. Make your account more secure: don't lose access to your account:
  3. Authentication Phone is Not Configured: 
    1. Click Set it up now.
    2. Choose your country (i.e., United States (+1)).
    3. Enter your cell phone number (including area code).
    4. Depending on your preference, click either text me to receive a 6-digit code or call me to receive a phone call. 
    5. Enter the code and click verify or the # symbol depending upon your choice of text or phone call.
  4. Authentication Email is Not Configured: 
    1. Click Set it up now 
    2. Enter an Authentication Email address you can access (i.e.,
    3. Click email me.
    4. Open your alternate email account in a DIFFERENT TAB OR WEB BROWSER.
    5. Enter 6-digit code in the box and click verify.
  5. Click finish when done. 
Step 5. Outlook Mailbox:
  1. Click Yes for Stay Signed in?
  2. If asked, set Language to: English (United States) from the drop down box
    Note: The browser you are using must be set to an English language to finalize setup.
  3. Set Time Zone to indicate where you are currently located (for example, Harrisonburg VA would be (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
  4. Click Save
  5. Your mailbox will open
Step 6. Outlook Inbox – In addition to reading email, you can:
  1. Install Microsoft Office 365 (available for free as long as you are an active, enrolled student)
    1. Click the App Launcher Icon App Launcher icon
    2. Click Office 365 Word arrow
    3. Click Install Office and follow the instructions to download and install the Office 365 apps
  2. For Help - click the question mark icon in the upper right of your Outlook screen or contact the JMU IT Help Desk at 540-568-3555 or 
  3. Sign Out - click your initials in the upper right, then click Sign out
  4. Close your browser

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