The digital signage hardware requirements are:

  • Power and Ethernet (network) connections at the sign’s location
  • A display (TV) mount - A tilting wall-mount will typically be sufficient. However, in some cases, a swivel mount may be better suited for the location of your sign. IT can help you determine which mount is best.
  • A display (TV) - signs should use a professional display rather than a consumer TV in order to reduce the risk of image burn-in from many hours of constant operation.  Dell 55" or Sharp Professional displays are recommended.  See the package option below to purchase the display and player together.
  • A media player (computer) - IT's recommendation for the media player is available on Dell's JMU Premiere Page in the 'Standard Configurations' section under a special Digital Signage category. There are two digital signage options available for purchase. One option includes only the media player, and the "TV" option includes the media player, a display, and the mounts for each.

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