Images on the web should always 

  • be consistent with the University's brand standards for photography
  • be high resolution—never blurry or pixelated
  • make sense in the context of the page and the website
  • have text no smaller than 36pt
  • if the image is clickable, there should be an indicator that it is clickable, such as a triangle arrow or a button.  Please refer to the documentation on button style.
Slideshow images

Image size is 1000px by 500px

Feature images
  • feature
  • As an alternative to the slideshow, a lead image may be used.
  • Appears at the top of the page beneath the page title.
  • Measurements
Article images

Max width 310px, to allow text to wrap.

Action link images
  • Resolution must be 72dpi
  • Recommended file format is jpg with quality of 8, however exceptions can be made
  • Measurements
Spot images

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