Announcements can contain Articles, a mix of links and articles, a mix of Events and Articles mixed, or just a bunch of pages.


Step 1 - Create Announcement

  1. Add New > Responsive > Announcement
  2. Choose a placement folder, display name, and descriptive title
  3. Select a width option and background color
  4. Choose a header for the Announcement
  5. Use the Item section to add a page or link
    • For links, select internal or external
      • If internal: Select page from Browse
      • If external: Add the external URL link
    • Optional: Add an anchor
    • Leave Target option on Same Window default
    • Use the green plus icon to add more items to the announcements feed

Step 2 - Add to Page

  1. In the Edit view of a page:
    • Choose a Region
    • Add the announcements block
    • Add shared format: "announcements"


See Cascade Example - Announcement

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