Within a content block:

  1. Start with a new grid cell; if needed, add a new grid cell
  2. Set the grid cell width to any width
  3. Under "WYSIWYG?" select "Yes"
  4. Optional: Specify a heading; after specifying a heading, you have the option of adding a heading background color
  5. Add content including images, spot images, text with heading styles, and links

    NOTE: Images in content blocks WYSIWGYS are always responsive. So, if you want an image to be small and wrapped by text (right-/left-aligned), it will need to be 310 px or less and have "literal-width-image" class applied. See NOTE: Images in Content Blocks

    Text can be copied and pasted into the WYSIWYG content field, but we recommend using textfixer.com to format the copied text into HTML before pasting it into the editor using the HTML button, which looks like this <>, on the WYSIWYG menu.

  6. Optional: Add a WYSIWYG background color

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