An Action Link is simply some text with a triangle next to it, with a colored background, and an optional image on the top. It’s a more noticeable way to link to something, especially when an image is added to the Action Link. Action Links should be used when you want links to stand out.

With images:


Without images:


Within a content block:

  1. Start with a new grid cell; if needed, add a new grid cell
  2. Set the grid cell width to 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2
  3. Select the "Yes" button under "Action Link?" to reveal Action Link options
  4. Type the text you want to display on the Action Link in the Action Link Text field
  5. Select a background color from the dropdown
  6. Add an image (optional)
  7. Add an internal/external link
    • NOTE: Do not use the Link to Video option

Action Link images

Action Link images should be "quarter," "third," or "half width" Find ready-to-use images here: _images/_action-links

Follow these dimensions for using other images:

  • Resolution must be 72dpi
  • Recommended file format is .jpg with quality of 8
ACTION LINK width height
quarter 360 376
third 480 346
half 488 236


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