Common resizing issue

A common mistake when resizing images is to "squeeze" them into certain dimensions.  For example, imagine you want to resize this large image (1166 x 700):


Now if you wanted to make it a "third width" Action Link, you would consult the image sizing guide and see that it needs to be 480px wide and 346px tall.

If you merely resized the image to those dimensions, it would end up looking like this:


See how it is "squished" and distorted?  To avoid this, you need to resize it while keeping the proportions, then crop.

Here is what the image should look like:


To do this, you can use the "Canva Instructions" which can prevent the image from being squished, or you can use other image editing software. If you use other image editing software, just pick one of the desired dimensions (either the width or height) and keep that padlock icon locked to maintain the aspect ratio. Most software has this "padlock" but if yours doesn't then make sure the aspect ratio is maintained.  If you don't understand this, just follow the directions to use Canva.


NOTE: If the dimension you choose to enter makes the other dimension too small, use the other one. In this example, using the width dimension made the height smaller than 346px.


Using the height dimension instead made the width larger than 480px.


Now you still need to change the width to 480px.  To do that, crop the image to take extra space off of the sides.  After cropping, the image is 480x346 and not squished.

Again, if you use the directions for using Canva, it ensures that the image doesn't get distorted while resizing.

Using Canva to resize images
    1. Create a free account at, and login
    2. Click on custom dimensions in the top right corner
    3. Type in the width and height that you want to resize to; see image sizing chart or image sizing visual
      NOTE: Your image must be larger than the resize dimensions in order to maintain the quality of the image.
    4. Click the upload tab on the left side menu and upload your image into Canva

    5. Drag your image into the canvas in the center
    6. Resize your image to fit inside the white box; drag the corners to adjust size and drag the sides to crop

    7. Click the Download icon and click Download button


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