This page is in reference to deleting documents only. You may delete files such as content blocks whenever you want.

When you are working with your webpages, it is very dangerous to delete documents. Instead, documents can be edited, or moved to a "z-archive" folder when they are outdated or otherwise unusable.  However, before moving to "z-archive", please check if the document has any relationships. 



If the document still has relationships, meaning if it doesn't say "There are no relationships available" as shown above, then all "Internal" links to the document need to be removed in order for there to be no broken links on your website.

IMPORTANT: Deleting documents often results in broken links. This creates frustration for users who see error messages instead of the content they were looking for.  Moving files to a "z-archive" folder will cause a script to detect if there are links to them, and you will automatically be notified.

Cancel whatever you were deleting if you get a warning like this one:



If you abolutely must delete a file, and cannot move it into a "z-archive" folder, contact to discuss the options in order to avoid broken links.


When something is deleted, it gets sent to the "Trash" where it will be stored for 10 days. If something is deleted, it can be restored to its original location from the Trash before the 10 day limit. After 10 days, anything that has been deleted will not be recoverable.


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