Computing Accounts Portal

Information Technology is replacing the JMU Accounts portal ( used for account activation, password changes, and password resets. For more information about this project, please visit the JMU e-ID and Access Management project page

Current Options:

  1. I know my password and want to change it - Login to MyMadison, go to the MyAccounts tab, and choose Password Management. -
  2. I do not know my password but I am enrolled in the new Password Management system - Go to the MyMadison login page. Below the virtual authenticator (picture and phrase) where you would normally enter your password, choose the link for Forgot your password -
  3. I do not know my password and the Information Technology Help Desk has reset it Use the reset system to change your password.
  4. I manage a website on www or secureweb and need to change my web password. These passwords are now synchronized with your e-ID password.
  5. I am trying to activate my JMU e-ID - If you are an applicant, a new student, or an affiliate, you were sent an activation link to your home e-mail account. If you are an employee, you will receive activation information from your supervisor.
  6. For account issues or other technical problems, please contact the JMU Information Technology Help Desk or call 540-568-3555.
  7. To review Security Awareness material login to MyMadison under the MyAccounts tab and go to the Review Security Awareness link.

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