Community JMU Centennial Reception

March 10, 2008

Commemorating local support for locating the Normal School in Harrisonburg, Memorial Hall

Chester and Nancy Bradfield

Audrey Smith

Martha and Dee Floyd

Dr. Rose looks at the replica of the historic marker recognizing teacher education at JMU.

Glenda Rooney and Emily Dingledine

Linda Halpern and Eddie Bumbaugh

Joe Paxton, Martha and Dee Floyd, Maggie Kyger, and Bob Sullivan

Audrey Smith and Bob Sullivan

Glen Wayland and Dennis Snyder

John and Karen Rose and David Owusu-Ansah

Carolyn and Jim Hartman, Malcolm and Judy Wilfong, and David Smith

Judith and Lin Rose, David Smith and Barry Wittig

Mike Shickman interviews Sidney Bland

Dr. Rose interviewed by WHSV

Phil Whishon, Dean of the College of Education, welcomes the community to celebrate with JMU.

Phil Bigler, who began his teaching career at Harrisonburg High School, holds up a vintage Taj, the school's yearbook.

Rodney Eagle, Harrisonburg's Mayor, emphasizes his long association with JMU.

Bill Kyger, Rockingham County Supervisor, recounts the early days when the city and county jointly lobbied for the Normal.

Dr. Rose toasts the long partnership between Harrisonburg, Rockingham County and JMU.

Lee Morrison and Pat Bruce

Marshall and Gloria Price and Jill Martorana

Carolyn Hartman, Judith and Lin Rose

Art Dean and Phil Wishon

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