The Campus Through the Years Banner
  1. Ariel view of campus, 1989
  2. King Hall (formerly the  ISAT/CS or Integrated Science and Technology/Computer Science Building) Built in 1997
  3. Keezell Hall construction, 1927
  4. James Madison Statue, donated by Bruce, Lois, Jeff and Stephanie Forbes, September 2002
  5. Groundbreaking of Carrier Library, Nellie L. Long (BOV member 1972-80, Class of 1949), Mary Haban (then JMU Librarian), and Ronald Carrier
  6. Gibbons Dining Hall Construction, 1963
  7. Students walking in front of Spotswood Hall, 1917
  8. University Bookstores, 2002
  9. Harrison Hall Annex

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