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Short-Term Programs

Tuition and fees for JMU Short-Term Abroad Programs include University tuition for a standard number of credit hours based on residency and a supplemental program fee. The basic formula: add the supplemental fee to the number of credits at the appropriate credit hour rate per the chart below. This combination of fees will cover enrollment in classes, housing, most or all meals, excursion lodging and transportation, admissions and entry fees, some or all books and other program activities. Consult program directors for complete details.

NOTE: Airfare to and from your destination is not included in the fees.

Tuition and fees for summer are established by the JMU Board of Visitors in early spring for the upcoming summer term.

Tentative fees will be posted on or before December 1. Fees for Summer 2020 Short-Term Programs will be not be confirmed until mid-March after the enrollment and course registration processes for summer classes is complete. The fees will be added to each student participant's account by mid-April. Individual supplemental program fees are projected on the basis of the following:

  • Estimated costs for accommodations, meals, admissions and transportation.
  • Currency exchange rates.
  • The total number of students enrolled.

A limited amount of financial aid and scholarships based on merit, need and other criteria are available to JMU students. Also see: Summer Financial Aid Information.

Deposits are non-refundable, non-transferrable, and cannot be deferred to other study abroad programs.

Basic formula: Add the supplemental program fee to the cost of tuition per credit hour. 

Tuition for 2020 per credit hour 

Virginia Resident

Non-Virginia Resident







Supplemental Program Fees for 2021
Program Program Date(s) Program Fee
JMU in Argentina
JMU Internship in Australia (Kinesiology, Sport & Rec. Management, Hospitality Management)
Modern Dreams, Modern Nightmares: Vienna and Berlin in the Twentieth Century
Identity and Conflict in Austria, Croatia, and Bosnia
Cross-Cultural Psychology in Vienna, Austria
Geology and Ecology of the Bahamas (Spring Break)
International Finance and Payments
The Arts and Culture of Montréal
Global Business Analytics in China
CISE Energy and Environmental Projects
Nursing and Health Care in Costa Rica: An Interprofessional Perspective
A Cross-Cultural Experience of Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Costa Rica
Honors Seminar: Dominican Republic
JMU North of England Programme (NOEP)
Finance and Business Law Summer Session in Europe
Study of European Hospitality: Food, Wines, and Travel in Europe
Language and Cultural Immersion in the French Riviera
JMU: Summer in Paris
Food and Culture of France
JMU Internship in Germany
Environmental and Energy Sustainability in Germany
Ancient Greece and the Greek Islands
History and Culture of Greece: Ancient to Modern
JMU Internship in Ireland
Ireland: Media, Culture and Society
Summer in Reggio Calabria
Cross-Cultural Psychology in Perugia, Italy
Michelangelo's Italy
Summer in Urbino Italy: Documenting a Community
Arts and Culture in Venice
Second Year Japanese in Kyoto
Interdisciplinary Engagement at Madison Camp--Kenya
Sustainability, Technology, and Education in Malta
French Caribbean Culture in Martinique
CIS in Europe
Himalayan Geographies: Landscapes and Cultures of Nepal
Dutch Design, Art, and the Humanities
JMU Internship in New Zealand
Palestine/Israel: Surmounting Adversity
JMU Global Supply Chain in Panama and Colombia
Tropical Ecology and Forest Restoration in Panama (Spring Break)
Intercultural Studies and Tourism in Peru
Health Care in Spain: A Cross-cultural Exploration of Illness and Wellness and Global Health Care Leadership
JMU Internship in Spain
Public Relations in Europe
The History and Politics of East Asia
East Africa Field School
Archaeology of Native American and Spanish Encounters in Georgia
Wine and Culture of Napa and Sonoma
Puerto Rico's Cave and Culture

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