JMU is proud to offer a unique summer study abroad program in Scotland that allows rising sophomores to complete 13 credit hours (four courses in four different clusters) towards their General Education requirements at two locations, the University of St. Andrews and the University of Edinburgh.  

The Center for Global Engagement and the General Education program are calling for applications for JMU teaching faculty for its Summer Semester in Scotland. Each year, we accept applications for faculty members to teach a Cluster Five or Cluster Four course. Applicants should specify their preferred site and how they would incorporate experiential learning into their course in Scotland. All faculty who regularly teach in either Cluster Four or Cluster Five are eligible to apply. Teaching faculty in Scotland receive a teaching stipend (College summer rates), as well as have travel and housing expenses covered as part of their contract (meals are not included). Successful candidates will also demonstrate a strong desire to work in a student-support role during the program. The program dates are June-August. For more particulars, please email the program director, Zachary Dorsey.

JMU's Study Abroad Programs offer JMU faculty an exciting opportunity to work in an international environment, collaborate with faculty of different nationalities and educational training, live in the host country with their families and experience everyday life in a new culture.

Selection Process

We will not be accepting new applications until Fall 2023.

Interested faculty should complete the application form and attach a current résumé or curriculum vitae. The Selection Committee, consisting of the program director, CGE staff, and representatives from International Accounting and the General Education program, will review all completed applications received by the deadline.

The Committee will conduct brief personal interviews with the applicants during the last week of October. A personal interview with the Committee allows the applicant to expand on their interest in serving as an instructor in Scotland and in turn allows the members of the Committee the opportunity to ask questions of the applicant.

It is possible that the Committee chooses to interview only the top-ranked applicants. Applicants who are not interviewed and/or are not selected may resubmit their application for a later search. 

Once the interview process has been completed, the Selection Committee will recommend faculty to the CGE Executive Director who makes the appointments. Notification is sent by email and in print with instructions for accepting the position.

Submitting an Application

Faculty interested in applying should contact Zachary Dorsey, program director.

Teaching General Education in Scotland Faculty


Rebecca Howes-Mischel Sociology & Anthropology ANTH 195
Chelsea Duncan Kinesiology KIN 100
Bill Grant Economics ECON 200
Kerry Dobransky Sociology & Anthropology SOCI 140
Cathy McKay Kinesiology KIN 100
Chris Colocousis Sociology & Anthropology SOCI 110
Liz Edwards Kinesiology KIN 100
Megan Tracy Sociology & Anthropology ANTH 195
Stephen Poulson Sociology & Anthropology SOCI 110
Erika Collazo-Vargas Health Sciences KIN 100
Aaron PeeksMease Sociology & Anthropology SOCI 140
Stephen "Kirk" Elwood Economics ECON 200
David Trouille Sociology & Anthropology SOCI 140
Bernie Kaussler Political Science POSC 200
Raymond "Skip" Hyser History HIST 225
David Trouille Sociology & Anthropology SOCI 140
Kristin Wylie Political Science POSC 200
Kerry Dobransky Sociology & Anthropology SOCI 140
Robert Lifka Kinesiology KIN 100
Jessica Adolino Political Science POSC 200

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