I loved this class! It was culturally and intellectually engaging.

In 2016, JMU’s General Education Program began piloting a series of innovative, 300-level integrative thinking (a kind of critical thinking) courses. Over the last five years, faculty have offered integrative courses to more 650 students. Eligible students are juniors and seniors who did not complete their 100-level Madison Foundations Critical Thinking requirement in their first year and transfers who arrive with more than 49 credits and need to satisfy the critical thinking requirement. If seats remain open, they will be available during Open Enrollment for elective credit.

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Why take an integrative course?

We know that most JMU students don’t complete their GenEd requirements in two years; rather, they take GenEds across all four or five years and in tandem with courses for their majors, minors, and other degree requirements.

They need innovative courses that are INTEGRATIVE. Integrative courses provide students with more than 60 credits the opportunity to integrate knowledge and skills from across all five General Education Areas with what they are learning in their majors, minors, and co-curricular activities.

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