Madison Foundations Committee

Kenny Hopkinson, School of Communication Studies

Aimee Stright, University Advising

Bill White, Learning, Technology & Leadership Education

Mary Gayne, History

Jared Stoltzfus, Integrated Science and Technology

Kathy Clarke, JMU Libraries

Cathy Snyder, College of Business, Marketing

Pia Antolic-Piper, Philosophy & Religion

Tim Ball, School of Communication Studies

Christian Early, The Madison Collaborative

Morgan Smalls, School of Media Arts & Design 

Danielle DeRise, Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication 

Arts & Humanities Committee

T.J. Fitzgerald, History

Alan Kirk, Philosophy & Religion 

Di Hu, Sociology & Antrhopology 

Beth Hinderliter, Duke Hall Gallery of Fine Art

Andy Connell, School of Music

Zachary Dorsey, School of Theatre & Dance

Laura Henigman, English

Michael Hickman, Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication 

Veronica Davilla-Ellis, Foreign Language

John Hathcoat, Center for Assessment & Research             

The Natural World Committee

Tracy Deem, Biology

Christine May, Biology

John Hathcoat, Center for Assessment & Research        

Kristen Funck, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Jeff Andre, Psychology 

Liam Buckley, Sociology & Anthropology

Rich Lawler, Sociology & Anthropology 

Mark Mattson, Physics

Katie Quertermous, Mathematics & Statistics 

Amanda Sanson, Integrated Science & Technology 

Shelley Whitmeyer, Geology & Environmental Science 

American and Global Perspectives Committee

Yami Chacon, Sociology & Antrhopology 

Kathleen Ferraiolo, Political Science

Christine DeMars, Center for Assessment & Research 

Helmut Kraenzle, Integrated Science and Technology 

Kevin Hardwick, History

Mollie Godfrey, English

Phil Heap, Economics 

Ken Rutherford, Political Science

Kevin Hardwick, History 

Tara Parsons Kristiansen, Justice Studies 

Sociocultural and Wellness Committee

Janna Taft Young, Psychology 

Krisztina Varga Jakobsen, Psychology 

Debra Sutton, Health Sciences 

Jana Walters, Kinesiology

Eduardo Duran, Sociology & Anthropology 

Mary Thompson, English

Kimberly D.R  DuVall, University Advising 

Robyn L Kondrad, Psychology 

Sherri Wilson, Health Sciences 

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