For students who have already enrolled at JMU

A student wishing to earn credits at another institution, either during the summer or during a regular academic session, should complete the Intent to Transfer Credit form in advance of taking courses from another institution. Students no longer need prior written approval to take a course outside of JMU if:

  • It is listed as a “match” in Transferology
  • Your course adheres to the General Education restrictions and Transfer Policies listed below and on the Intent to Transfer Credit Form.
  • You have not already taken the course at JMU

Check out the JMU Registrar's page for more university transfer policies and forms here. 

The student is responsible for having an official transcript mailed to the Office of the Registrar when the work has been completed. Credit hours will be awarded for approved courses carrying a "C" or better grade (2.0 quality points). Grades for courses taken at another institution are not included in grade point average calculations although they will be used in determining graduation honors for eligible students.


All currently enrolled students are expected to complete JMU’s General Education program with JMU courses. If students need to take courses elsewhere after matriculation in order to make progress toward their degree, they should consult their academic advisors as well as the TES/Transferology Guide prior to submitting a Permission for Transfer form to the Registrar. However, the following restrictions apply:

  • Current students may transfer in a total of three General Education courses with each being from a different area.
  • Current students may not transfer in credit for any of the following courses and areas due to their distinct qualities:
    • Madison Foundations: Critical Thinking (BUS 160, HIST 150, SMAD 150, ISAT 160, PHIL 120, PHIL 150)
    • American and Global Perspectives: The American Experience (HIST 225, JUST 225 and POSC 225)
    • Sociocultural and Wellness Area: Wellness (HTH 100, KIN 100)
  • Current students may not transfer in one course in a two-course sequence that equates to a single JMU course (e.g. WRTC 103 = both ENG 111 and 112). Elective credit will be granted if only one course is completed in the sequence, which will not meet area requirements.
  • Exceptions to these policies may be requested due to rare and unusual circumstances.

Discontinued or non-current students (e.g., suspension, leave of absence, medical withdrawal) are exempt from the restrictions applicable to current students while away from JMU, but should still submit a Permission for Transfer Form. DISC status will be verified during the approval process. Students on suspension should confer with their assigned advisors before enrolling elsewhere. Other discontinued students should consult with university offices before enrolling in courses elsewhere since there may be significant financial aid or academic progress consequences to consider. In both cases, TES will be used to award credit during re-entry.

For prospective students

Please review the Registrar's policies here

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