The Study Abroad office is located within the James Madison University Center for Global Engagement on the second floor of Holland Yates Hall (formerly Madison Hall).

Mailing Address:
MSC 5731
100 E. Grace Street
Holland Yates Hall (formerly Madison Hall), 2nd Floor
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

Find a time to chat with one of our Global Ambassadors, a team of student advisors who can offer insight based on their own experiences studying abroad.

Watch recorded information sessions specific to program type, and keep an eye on our events calendar for upcoming in-person information sessions, drop-in advising sessions, and financial aid workshops.

Once you've researched programs of interest to you, you can set up a meeting with our Study Abroad advisor.

It depends on the program type and your residential status. See our Fees Page for an overview.

The basic formula for a Semester Program is: Supplemental Program Fee + Cost of full-time tuition based on residency and on-campus housing with a 14-meal plan = Total Cost

The basic formula for a summer or winter Short-Term Program is: Program Fee + Tuition based on residency x Number of credit hours = Total Cost

Applications for JMU study abroad programs are open to all eligible students from September 1st to November 1st each fall. November 1st is our priority consideration deadline for programs running spring semester, summer, and fall semester of the following calendar year, plus the spring semester of the next calendar year.

In mid-November, programs that still have spaces available begin accepting applications on a rolling basisSee program-specific dates and deadlines.

The priority consideration deadline for winter session and spring break programs is October 15th. After the 15th, winter session and spring break programs may re-open to accept applications on a rolling basis.

In short, if you know you want to study abroad on a JMU faculty-led or semester program, apply by November 1st.

Since every student's financial situation is different, you are encouraged to email John Michael Schott in the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships to set up an appointment. 

Learn more about available scholarships here.

Yes. You can apply for up to two study abroad programs per term.

Students must receive permission from their program director before they book a flight. If a student purchases an airline ticket without the approval of the program director, they understand that JMU will not be held liable for the price of the ticket or any fees associated with changing the ticket, should the program be canceled for any reason. For more information about booking flights, refer to this webpage.

The CGE requires passport sized photos to be regulation sized as outlined by the Department of State when applying for a passport. Information can be found on their website.

Photos can be obtained from numerous stores in the area. These photos may be taken at any CVS, Walmart, or Target. Passport photos are needed by the program director for various reasons and the number needed is determined by the particular program.

The billing process involves the following steps:

  1. THE STUDENT needs to enroll in class/es and tuition* will automatically calculate.
  2. UBO will send students an email a couple weeks before the study abroad term begins after the program fee charges have been added their accounts and the upcoming term bill is visible.
  3. Payment is due in your M3 account by the first Friday of classes or prior to departure, whichever comes first.
* Please go to the Cost of Attendance Calculator to see the estimated cost of attendance for your program of study.

To officially withdraw, you must submit a Cancellation/Withdrawal Form, which can be found in Terra Dotta's document center, and also on our Withdrawal Policies page. This form is the official document used to change your status in our records. Without submission of this form, you remain a participant in the program. Verbal or email communication will not cancel your financial responsibilities to the program.

Please carefully review the cancellation policies specific to your program type in order to avoid unexpected fees.

It is important to know this information from the very beginning. Reading all documents carefully will help. The Intent to Participate form, which is signed at acceptance, outlines the details mentioned above to help you understand the commitment.

We hope your plans will not change once you begin this wonderful journey to study abroad. If they do, let us know right away. Submit the form!

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