Thank you for your interest in supporting global engagement at JMU!

Before completing this application, please refer to Academic Affairs Strategic Goal 3, Objective 3 to ensure your proposed activity aligns with the identified strategic objectives.

As this is a pilot round for GIGs, please read this page in its entirety (maybe more than once). The information provided is designed to help you to submit the best application possible.

Award amounts:  $100 - $1000

Time Period: Specific activity requiring funding must be completed by June 30, 2023

Approval/Denial Response Time: 20 working days via email

Objective 3: University Goals: 2C, 3B, 3C, 3E, 4B, 4D, 6A

3. Broaden worldviews and promote global understanding by cultivating, facilitating and supporting global engagement at home and abroad

  • 3-1. Create transformative international experiences through teaching and learning, partnerships and research, study abroad, virtual exchange, and meaningful engagement with and a welcoming environment for international students and scholars
  • 3-2. Integrate cross-cultural perspectives and experiences into curricula and campus culture to develop globally competent students, faculty and staff
Eligible Activities:
  • Serve as a visiting professor/lecturer/performer abroad
  • Serve as a visiting researcher/scholar abroad
  • Conduct collaborative research (either in another country or with international collaborators)
  • Supplement/provide cost share to a grant or externally funded project
  • Present/exhibit/perform and an international conference or event
  • Host a visiting professor/lecturer from abroad
  • Visit a potential or existing partner institution/organization
  • Host a delegation from a potential or existing partner institution/organization
  • Engage in international student recruitment activities (formal or informal event or university/student/alumni visit)
  • Conduct site visit for potential program/partnership development
  • Engage in activities to support the development of an interculturally focused program for students
  • Engage in activities to develop or revise curriculum to include intercultural competencies/global context
  • Develop a global virtual component to a course or program
  • Other (requires description)
What to have available in order to complete the application:
  • Description of your proposed activity
  • Budget details and support for the requested amount
  • Details of any other funding you have received or may receive to help support the activity
  • Name and email of your Dean or Unit Head
  • Name and email of your departmental budget manager
  • Names and locations of any partners involved
  • Timeframe for the proposed activity
  • Supporting documents (you will have the opportunity to upload items such as a conference agenda, invitation letter, syllabus, CV, etc.) to support your request.

If your application is approved, you will be asked to formally accept the award by email. Note that the approval process includes confirmation from your Dean or Unit Head. Upon confirmation of payment, CGE will disburse funds to your department. Depending on your proposal and the nature of the request, please consider advising appropriate individuals prior to them receiving a request for approval from CGE.

CGE appreciates your patience regarding the roll-out of this pilot round of GIGs. Please feel free to contact Carol Stax Brown, Interim Executive Director at with any questions regarding the process or if your proposed activity is extremely time sensitive.  As this is a pilot, and as funding is significantly less during this era of COVID recovery in global education, CGE may make process improvements throughout the year. We welcome any thoughtful recommendations.

 *At this time, funding is not available to students or graduate assistants, though it is assumed that proposed activities will contribute to campus internationalization and the student experience either in or out of the classroom. Part-time staff and adjuncts are encouraged to submit applications, but approval will be contingent upon unit head support.  

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