Thank you for your interest in supporting global engagement at JMU!

Before completing this application, please refer to Academic Affairs Strategic Goal 3, Objective 3 to ensure your proposed activity aligns with the identified strategic objectives.

As this is a pilot round for GIGs, please read this page in its entirety (maybe more than once). The information provided is designed to help you to submit the best application possible.

Award amounts:  $100 - $1000*

Time Period: Specific activity requiring funding must be completed by June 30, 2024

Approval/Denial Response Time: 10-20 working days via email

*The maximum funding available for attending international conferences is $500.

Questions? Contact us at

Global Initiative Grant submissions are now closed for the current fiscal year. Check back during Summer 2024 for updates on the grant applications for fiscal year 2025.
Eligible Activities
  • Education Abroad Initiatives (Ex: A site visit to plan a study abroad to non-traditional destination; Conference presentation to share research about education abroad programming; Funding for research projects involving education abroad)
  • Engaging International Students and Scholars (Ex: Engaging in international student recruitment activities (includes formal organized events or informal university/student/alumni visits); Hosting a visiting professor/lecturer from abroad; Hosting events/activities to support international student/scholar retention and engagement; Visiting or hosting a delegation from a potential or existing partner institution, related to a student exchange program)
  • Global Learning and Partnership Initiatives (Ex: A visiting researcher/scholar/academic abroad; development or revision of course/curriculum focused on infusion of intercultural competencies in global context; development of COIL or global virtual exchange course/program; collaborative research with international partner; conference presentation/exhibit/performance; hosting a visiting professor/lecturer/researcher or a delegation from partner institution/organization; site visit to a potential partnership development)
Objective 3: University Goals: 2C, 3B, 3C, 3E, 4B, 4D, 6A

3. Broaden worldviews and promote global understanding by cultivating, facilitating and supporting global engagement at home and abroad

  • 3-1. Create transformative international experiences through teaching and learning, partnerships and research, study abroad, virtual exchange, and meaningful engagement with and a welcoming environment for international students and scholars
  • 3-2. Integrate cross-cultural perspectives and experiences into curricula and campus culture to develop globally competent students, faculty and staff

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