The Center for Global Engagement is committed to the principle that international experiences and perspectives are essential to any undergraduate and graduate education. To that end, we promote and encourage a critical awareness of world issues; knowledge of and an appreciation for other cultures, languages, and belief systems; a sense of global community; and a commitment to engagement at the international level, that we may educate active and responsible global citizens.

Our Mission and Vision


The mission of the CGE is to broaden worldviews and promote global understanding for the JMU community by cultivating, facilitating, and supporting global engagement at home and abroad.


The vision of CGE is to make global experiences—at home and abroad—attainable for all of the JMU community.


Global Learning - Increasing awareness, knowledge and understanding of diverse cultures, people, global systems and issues

Innovation – Being creative and open to new ideas, processes and solutions

Advocacy – Publicly supporting, recommending and persuading

Collaboration – Working together with diverse groups and individuals at home and abroad to maximize our strengths, resources, and effectiveness

Sustainability – Assuring the continued presence and active development of global education at James Madison University

Open-Mindedness – Being willing to consider differences and ideas

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