• Dukedog standing in front of flags.
  • An engraved cork mat at X Labs.
  • Poet speaking at Furious Flower event.
  • Sign posted outside of Study Abroad Fair.
  • Students playing drums at International Bazaar.

2022 International Week at JMU

Expand Your Global Palate

September 19-24, 2022

The Center for Global Engagement at JMU presents a diverse buffet of events during International Week 2022: Expand Your Global Palate! This year’s line-up showcases a variety of multi-cultural events to whet your appetite for new experiences, ideas, and reflections on the myriad of flavors in this interconnected world. The notion that our diet is more than the food we eat – it’s the media we consume, the people we surround ourselves with, and the experiences we choose – also applies to our global competency. Intentionally chosen nourishment through diverse experiences is important to develop an expansive cultural palate and sense of belonging in the world.

We invite you to participate in the I-Week 2022 programming to develop more awareness of your own identity as well as how you connect with the broader world, explore purposeful actions that you can take to feed and grow your global competency, and enjoy meaningful interactions and experiences with globally-minded individuals. We hope you will join us “at the table” in September to expand your palate and challenge yourself with new experiences during I-Week 2022.

I-Week 2022 Events

Visit our events page to browse through what's on deck for I-Week 2022. This list will be updated often, so check back soon! Questions? Email cge@jmu.edu.

A few highlights...

Study Abroad Week | International Bazaar | International Virtual Exchange | Center for International Stabilization and Recovery event | Photo Contest | … and much more!

Did You Know:
  • The Harrisonburg community is one of the most diverse areas in this region: one of 33 Church World Service Refugee Resettlement sites (and one of the sites with the highest rate of refugee resettlement per capita) and one of the most diverse school systems in Virginia (56 languages represented and with more than half of students have a language other than English spoken at home). 
  • More JMU students participate in study abroad than most of our peers (#1 for total number of students studying abroad on short-term programs) with 1,380+ students studying in 55+ different countries each year.
  • Our international student body has been increasing steadily over the past 5 years and continues to grow. Right now at JMU we have international students representing 75 countries. 
Slideshow photos courtesy of JMU Creative Media and Tam Nguyen, Center for Global Engagement.


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